Information Technology
IT Services Are The Backbone Of All Businesses Today
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Integrated Services
We specialize in working with our clients to integrate their IT systems to enable their business to run more efficiently. We understand the best and most cost-effective methods for interweaving multi-technology, multi-vendor applications and systems.

As well as integrating hardware and applications,
itBLUE works to integrate your business processes so that your investment in technology can be fully maximized.

Web Hosting
itBLUE provides web hosting services enabling businesses to promote their corporate image across the internet, reaching a wide audience of perspective customers. Our services range from website design and provision to online virtual server access incorporating email, calendar and scheduling services.

Virtual IT Management
Preventive maintenance is a recognized method of reducing IT running costs. We utilize reporting methodologies to monitor our customers systems ensuring that a healthy operating environment is maintained. Should there be a need to remedy any possible failures to the system, these can be done in a controlled manner reducing the amount of unscheduled down time during busy working hours.

System Maintenance
The best way to ensure that a system does not fall into disrepair is to maintain it correctly. Most businesses benefit from regular checks of log files, to ensure that backups have completed successfully, and to update network diagrams with new devices and address changes.
itBLUE can either perform these functions, or guide you through them.

More specialist work can also be carried out on a less frequent basis (every one to three months) to ensure that the system is patched correctly, is up-to-date with the latest software and hardware versions, and to ensure that the system continues to meet the business' operational requirements. We offer a system health check service to carry out these more complex tasks. The aim is to identify potential problems before they occur, saving you time and money, and ensuring that you fully utilize your system.  We believe in being proactive rather than reactive.

itBLUE can perform these system health checks via remote access or onsite.

System Security
In todays world, most IT systems are connected to the internet, users are more mobile (utilizing wireless and remote access technologies) and the ability to easily store and transport large amounts of information has become routine.

It is important to ensure your data and systems are as secure as possible to mitigate vulnerabilities which may be exploited.
itBLUE can assist with reviewing your IT systems, including external internet threats, internal wide and local area network access threats, wireless configurations, data access technologies available to users (i.e. USB, Bluetooth and CD/DVD-RW), plus authentication and network server access.
Integrated Services
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