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Welcome to itBLUE
itBLUE was established to provide professional information technology services to businesses. We provide a unique level of network support and technical consulting services, specializing in operating systems, applications, website development and other industry standard technologies. Our expertise also includes wide area network (WAN) specification, Identity Management consulting, installation and support.

We provide assistance with the establishment, installation and ongoing support of computer networks and internet infrastructure. We can review your requirements and make recommendations on the best software and hardware solutions to suit your business. We can then manage and/or implement the installation and commissioning of systems. Once your system is installed, we can provide ongoing support services, keeping critical systems running smoothly.

We can be your IT partner, working hand in hand with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business, your culture and your people in order to provide you with the best possible IT solution.

                Our aims are:
             • To reduce our client frustration in dealing with IT and provide a tailored service.
             • To skill our personnel.
             • To reinvest back into the business, managing growth to achieve a balance that satisfies clients and staff.

itBLUE was established as a result of the founder, Neil Andersons desire to provide high quality IT support and consulting services to small business enterprises in South Australia.

The philosophy of the business is to focus time and money on training and development for long-term benefit rather than short-term profitability. The business is dynamic and passionate about looking after its clients, and has undertaken extensive IT training and development to achieve this.

We help provide strategic IT consulting to companies across many technological areas. We pride ourselves on delivering unmatched IT expertise and services critical to maintaining successful business management and direction.

We aim to be a strategic partner with our clients by utilizing our expertise and experience in providing innovative, responsive and importantly cost-effective IT solutions. As companies face continual changes in the ever expanding IT landscape, we at
itBLUE have the experience, drive and talent to work with our clients to chart the waters of new IT challenges and help achieve business goals.

Our clients expect convenience, reliability, and efficiency in operation, in a cost effective manner. We are able to meet all of these needs by being available to them at the ground level. We approach each job from a customer service point of view.

We will meet with our clients after major assignments/installations to allow them to provide feedback on our services. This enables continuous improvement to both our business and our clients business.

itBLUE works closely with its partners to deliver the services and products its clients require. Our business partners are very important to us as the training, backup support and joint initiatives allow us to provide a high quality total solution to our clients.
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